At Innovis We Are Passionate About People.

Our Values

We care about health and safety.


All employees have to know the effects of the products and processes they handle, paying special attention to safety and environmental impact derived from consumption, usage and manipulation of products so that, throughout their service life, they allow a safe use without harmful effects on health.


INNOVIS demands a high level of safety in our processes, facilities and services, with special attention paid to protecting employees, suppliers, clients and everyone who could be affected by our work. This principle is embedded in our business strategy.


INNOVIS actively promotes health and wellbeing in the workplace. We understand happy employees help create a healthy working environment with which they feel identified. Complying with the legal requirements of Safety and Health at Work is the minimum expectation. To genuinely succeed we apply preventive activities to exceed optimal conditions in the workplace.


INNOVIS is committed to minimising the impact of construction activities on the environment including manufacturing of materials, the reuse or recycling of materials, construction and logistics. We recognise we have a moral and legal responsibility to manage our projects in a way that protects and enhances the environment. This is achieved through ongoing investment in research and development, challenging traditional design and specifications, reviewing material to identify opportunities to reuse and introducing new sustainable materials.

Leadership Team.

Chandan Bains

Managing Director

Jarvis Anderson

Technical Director

Michael Nielsen

Commercial Manager / Associate Director

John Chrisfield

Associate Director / Team Lead

Richard Kohler

Associate Director / Team Lead

Leanne Gawde

National Civil Lead

Steven Cunningham

Associate Director

Michael Blicblau

Associate Director

Ravi Mahapatuna

Principal Civil Engineer / Civil Lead

Mark Ellis

Principal Structural Engineer

Michael Wu

Principal Structural Engineer

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