Specialists in project & design management.

INNOVIS have successfully led projects across a variety of sectors, including buildings, resources, transport, defence, urban development and water. Our team are well-versed in project and design management best practices. From quality, safety, time and cost management through to procurement support and constructability assessments our team are experienced in managing both large and small projects.

Effective project & design management

Lead Consultant

Our team will confidently lead your project and deliver innovative solutions that translate into real time and cost savings.


Our expert engineering team will provide you with the critical advice needed so you can make strategic decisions throughout every stage of the project timeline.


Our successful track record of managing defence projects allows us to offer project and design management services for the most complex assets in the defence sector.

A multidisciplinary team

Providing innovative direction for project teams.

INNOVIS have confidently taken a lead role managing projects in the defence, urban, water, transport and resource sectors across Australia. Our success comes from our ability to draw on a multidisciplinary knowledgebase that informs best practices in project and design management. We have successfully led projects at all stages of the project timeline for a number of Government, public and private clients.

Engagement Process

Engage us at any stage
of your project.

Vision drives outcomes and is the starting point of all projects. Engaging INNOVIS at the inception of a project ensures appropriate due diligence can be planned for based on realistic concepts while working towards a business case.

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Feasibility studies are driven by due diligence that demonstrates the real viability of a vision. INNOVIS plays a vital role by using its constructability knowledge to outline key risks, requirements and required allowances during the planning phases of a project.

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Vision needs specific direction to distil down to refined project outcomes. A process of care and concern for client objectives is at the forefront of every interaction with INNOVIS. Details matter.

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INNOVIS employs industry leading practices, innovations and technology as an enhancer to its delivery of world leading design solutions.

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INNOVIS works with all stakeholders throughout the entire project lifecycle. This experience and knowledge translates to expert advice and management of procurement both internally and for our clients.

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Support from beginning to end means providing valuable input at every stage of a project, including the construction phase. INNOVIS provides construction support services based on their client’s needs which means they work to the requirements and maintain focus on outcomes.

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The transition of a project from construction to operational facility drives an ongoing need for maintenance and repairs. INNOVIS specialises in forensic investigations and condition auditing. Key services in any asset management plan or unforeseen circumstance.

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